Kanai! Taking the next step.

The age of learning English for fun is fast approaching an end. Now English needs to be taken as a serious step in our children’s educational development. Elementary schools now teach English as a subject at school and many companies in Japan now expect all their employees to use English as the language of communication in the company’s  day to day runnings.

This is a new age, a new path which our children now need to walk. As such it is our upmost belief that we need to start as early as possible to give our children the leading edge in learning  English in a fun and engaging way. Whether it be a 15 minute lesson or a 45 minute lesson once, twice or more a week. The fact that our children are listening to English and interacting with English speakers on a weekly basis gives them the opportunity to develope their listening, speaking skills while giving them confidence that English isn’t difficult but another fun way of expressing themselves.

Bee Pop English's Kanai program

Starting with a basic introduction to English greetings, numbers, alphabet and feelings, kanai students will progress throughout the year building on taught themes with added emphasis on useful English themes and English epressions.

Music is at the center of our lessons. As students are more readily to aquire language through rhythm and beat, we use music to enforce language points and importantly learn to develope correct intonation through music.

Visual aides, stories and play’s are used to help the children imagination to work and solidify taught language points within the students. We readily help school to add English plays or songs to their yearly presentations so that the students parents can see the childrens growth in English.

We come to you!

As the school is the client, we will make all possible efforts to meet with your schools busy schedule. Our teachers will travel to your school and teach on your premesis. As we have our own preschools, we know and appreciate how busy you are and will make every effort to ensure a smooth and rewarding experience for both you and your students.

Kanai Fun

Kanai Fun

Kids learn through songs, fun and games. Giving children a sense of being an essential member of the class gives them the motivation needed for language acquisition.

Use the power of youth

Young learners of foreign languages learn faster and more accurately when exposed to the foreign language from a young age. When given adequate exposure from a very young age, the second language can be understood and spoken at a better level than when taught at an older age.

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