Welcome to the ‘Bee Pop English’ English Conversation School

Pre-School Kanai

Your child is growing up fast and ready for a little more interaction with different cultures. Our pre school kanai classes will be a perfect introduction for them.

Kagai Program

Our approach to learning and teaching is through child centered play and English role play. Our Kagai classes are conducted at the nursery or preschool your child attends.

After School Group Classes

With a wide range of activities including arts and crafts, imaginative play, phonics and reading writing exercises, our program will engage your child through repetition and consistancy.

Presenting our students with interactive learning exercises and hands-on English usage through arts, crafts and cross-curricular activities in science, social studies and basic math. Children quickly learn and adapt and use important English expressions used during such activities.

English Building Blocks

Language learning should be fun and meaningful And here at Bee pop English we emphasis that philosophy with importance placed on using language concepts that help students build on what language they have already mastered. Bee Pop English gives students language themes and grammar structures that build on what has been taught. Giving them a solid foundation for harder topics and language structures.

Unlock the World of English with Us!

At the heart of our program is one thrilling mission: Empower every student to speak English fluently! Our lessons are more than just classes; they’re a vibrant playground where students are equipped with essential tools to engage, interact, and truly make English their own. Imagine a place where every word spoken is a step towards fluency, where language comes alive through a symphony of listening and speaking activities. Our unique approach places engaging games and dynamic conversations at the forefront, creating an immersive learning experience. But that’s just the beginning! We layer this foundation with skillful reading practices, and bring it all together with enriching writing exercises. Step into our world, where English isn’t just taught, it’s experienced, lived, and loved. Embark on this journey with us, and watch as your child transforms English into their language of expression and opportunity!”

S.T.E.A.M. Curriculum

At Bee Pop English, we’re pioneering a revolutionary way for young learners, starting at age 3, to immerse themselves in the English language. Our heart lies in the integration of S.T.E.A.M. concepts — Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math — woven seamlessly into our teaching methods. We believe in learning by doing, and our curriculum is crafted around interactive, hands-on projects. These activities do more than just teach English; they build a sense of community among our students and sharpen their critical thinking skills. Our approach ensures that each child experiences a rich, diverse journey in language learning, tapping into the power of S.T.E.A.M. to unlock their full potential in English expression and comprehension.

Celebrate the Joy of Multicultural Friendships at Our English Learning Hub!

Embark on an enriching journey where mastering English transcends the classroom and blossoms into lifelong friendships. At our diverse and vibrant academy, each lesson is a doorway to a global community. Our multiracial staff brings the world right into our classrooms, creating a tapestry of cultures, languages, and perspectives. Here, friendships are forged over shared goals and the universal language of English.

Imagine your child not just learning English, but doing so alongside classmates from varied backgrounds, each bringing their unique stories and experiences. These interactions are not just about language; they’re about understanding, respect, and camaraderie. The bonds formed here go beyond the typical student-teacher dynamic, nurturing a sense of global citizenship and cultural appreciation.

Our environment is a melting pot of ideas and traditions, where students and teachers alike learn from each other, celebrating diversity in every conversation. This is where horizons expand, perspectives shift, and the world becomes a smaller, friendlier place. Join us and watch your child not only become proficient in English but also grow into a globally-minded individual, ready to embrace the richness of our diverse world.”

Discover a World of English Adventures at Bee Pop English!

 English Camps: Starting in 2024, immerse your child in the magic of our English Camps, available in Spring, Summer, and Autumn. These camps aren’t just about learning English; they’re about living it in a safe, fun, and English-only environment. Imagine your child exploring new ideas, making friends, and experiencing the thrill of discovery, all while enhancing their language skills. Each camp is a unique adventure, filled with activities and memories that last a lifetime. Stay tuned for more exciting details!

 Eiken Mastery: Aim high and achieve with our specialized Eiken Preparation Program. Our professional instructors are not just teachers; they’re guides to success, committed to helping each student reach their Eiken goals. We understand that every learner is unique, and our tailored approach ensures that your child receives the support and guidance they need. While we can’t guarantee a first-time pass, we promise a learning journey that builds skills, confidence, and the foundation for impressive results.

At Bee Pop English, we’re not just teaching English; we’re creating experiences that shape futures. Join our programs and watch your child’s English skills soar, surrounded by a world of fun, friends, and unforgettable adventures!

Our Results Speak for themsleves!

Bee Pop English is fun, entertaining, practical and thorough, but don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself, you won’t be dissapointed!

Eiken pass rate
Get your kids SPEAKING English, today!

What Schools and Parents say!

Our classroom lessons are available for students of all ages and abilities.  Our lessons are catered for our students needs and abilities. We focus on important learning processes such as Listening speaking reading and writing. Cross curricular lessons are also an important aspect of language acquisition.

We provide preschools and kindergartens the opportunity to host quality English lessons through our Kanai English programs.

Afterschool lessons or kagai lessons provide parents even further opportunity  to give their child an advantage for the school years where English is now an official subject to be learned at all elementary schools throughout Japan.

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Daisy Room

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Little People Room

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Butterfly Room

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After School Club

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