Event at Namiki Square

In collaboration with Najima Koen Minami Hoikuen

Well it was a fun day March 22nd, when we had our first combined student performances and lesson demonstrations for the parents at Namiki Square Chihaya.

The Najima Koen Minami Hoikuen students and staff started the day with their schools daily routine demonstration and singing and dancing performances. Then they had a quick play time followed by the study program they showed including basic math and hiragana practice.

Afterward Bee Pop English‘ Wayne sensei did a demonstration lesson of the kanai program. This was a 30 minute demonstration lesson including songs, dance and full English program. The students then enjoyed two very special guests who read story books to our students. Elsa Takaoka who is an accomplished children’s book writer and Miki Sensei who is not only an entertaining teacher but a great friend to all who know her.

After the lessons, we all enjoyed wonderful balloon art from our friends the ‘Najima yum Poke- Issa‘ family group then some ball throwing games.

After a hardy lunch, we all enjoyed a very funny and entertaining performance from Mr. Tak! As an international performer, his performances are known the world over for his high energy and witty humor.

I would like to give a special ‘thank you’ for all the hard work to the staff, teachers, parents, special guests and Namiki Square operators for making this day a success.


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